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Lotus Membership

Here's what's included!

As a Lotus Member, you will enjoy one month of UNLIMITED access to the following:

1. Awakening into Oneness Classes 
2. Sacredness of Life Meditations
3. Miracles Classes (available after a certain number of Awakening Classes attended).
4. NEW!  Journey into Happiness Course!
5. Regular updates and full access to all available Golden Age meditations and events, such as:
-Full Moon Meditations
-Happiness Meditations
-Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditations
6.  Personal Guidance and Attention
7.  Membership in our Miracles Share Email Group
8. Special invites to exclusive events and processes live-streamed monthly from India!
9. Regular teachings and updates, so you'll always have the latest and most powerful tools available. 
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