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Lily Membership

Get started with deep clearing Meditations, helpful teachings and guidance.

This introductory Membership gets you everything you need to start your Journey in a very powerful way.  Even if you have been on your path for a while, you will appreciate the variety of classes and meditations available along with guidance and support.
Why is guidance and support so important?  As a Lily Member, you gain access to "next level" meditations that are deceptively powerful.  They work on very deep levels to clear you of destructive patterns and emotional "baggage" that can be passed down generation to generation.  Each individual experiences this shift in different ways and it is important to understand the process along the way.  These meditations and classes bring about profound healing and change, not found elsewhere.  Literally, the sky's the limit here, so a little know-how will greatly assist you in getting the results you are looking for.  You must understand your role in the process.  The Satsang (available with Lily) is an introduction and will get you started powerfully with a good foundation.   As you progress, you may consider other, more advanced classes.  Advanced classes, such as Miracles class (available with Lotus and Golden Lotus), delve deeper and deeper into wisdom, teachings and your own personal guidance to help you every step of the way towards profound peace, joy, health, wealth, and fulfillment!

Become a Lotus, or Golden Lotus Member Today!